Ride United

Ride United, a program provided by United Way of Northwest Alabama, schedules transportation to appointments and service organizations at no charge for those experiencing transportation issues. Rides are available to support the health, education, and financial success of clients.



As a client, I understand that:

1. Ride United schedules and authorizes rides only. The program cannot guarantee rides will be available when I call and the organization is not liable for any charges incurred due to missed or late arrivals to appointments.

2. All rides are subject to transportation provider availability and may result in a return ride not being available at the time requested.

3. Drivers may not be asked to wait while I conduct my business. I will need to call 211 to request a return trip home.

4. 211 Call Specialists have access to multiple transportation providers and I will accept the transportation method secured on my behalf.

5. I am to call 256-491-5588 to schedule my rides.

  • Scheduling is available Monday - Friday from 8:30 am - 1:30 pm.
  • Scheduling is not available on weekends or holidays.

6. I am responsible for canceling a ride prior to the scheduled pickup time if I no longer need it.

7. If I miss more than one ride in a month, I will not be eligible to schedule another ride for one month.

8. I may be required to provide proof of my appointment to schedule transportation.

9. I may be required to provide proof of multiple appointments or verify employment to schedule recurring rides or to receive vouchers to travel outside of my county of residence.

10. If I receive NACOLG vouchers, I am responsible for scheduling my rides per NACOLG procedures.

11. United Way of Northwest Alabama is not liable for any injuries that may occur on a ride.

12. The purpose of all rides must be in compliance with Alabama law.

13. United Way/Ride United reserves the right to refuse rides to destinations or for purposes that do not fall within program guidelines and/or to riders who receive multiple complaints from drivers.

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