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December 5, 1955

Lauderdale County United Fund, Inc. articles of incorporation filed by Clyde W. Anderson, certified as President.


July 15, 1958

United Fund of Colbert County, Inc. was incorporated. Gorman Jones was Chairman and Wilder Watts was Secretary of the Board of Control.

Aug. 11, 1971

Amendments to Articles of Incorporation (above) provided that “in case of dissolution (of Colbert & Lauderdale County United Funds; separate actions) residual assets (shall be) turned over to one or more organizations which are themselves exempt . . . (and) shall in that event be used for and devoted to the purposes of carrying on a non-profit purpose . .”

Apr. 5, 1974

United Way of Lauderdale County, Inc. Name changed by amending Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. Signatories are Wayne D. Rutledge, President, and Charles L. Frederick, Jr., Secretary, prepared by Arnold Teks and notarized by Arlene C. Wisdom.

Apr. 25, 1974

United Way of Colbert County, Inc. Name changed by Amendments to Articles of Incorporation and Constitution. Signatories include Billy Don Anderson, President, and George Williams, Secretary. William T. Johnson, Jr. prepared and notarized the document.

Nov. 3, 1981

United Way of Franklin County, Inc. Articles of Incorporation filed by Horace Sanders, David Walters and Michael Maddox “to assure by means of leadership and action that the people of Franklin County are continually provided with an efficient and effective network of human care services…”

March 23, 1984

United Way of the Shoals Area, Inc. Formed by consolidation of separate United Ways of Colbert and Lauderdale counties. Signatories:
Colbert Lauderdale
Ronald C. Meeks, President
Charles E. Moore, President
Frank J. Donsbach, Sec.
Tyler Calhoun, Sec.
(Action toward consolidation began in February, using the interim name of “United Ways of Colbert and Lauderdale Counties,” with Robert M. Guillot as President and William H. Martin III as Secretary.)

September 17, 2001

United Way of Northwest Alabama, Inc. Formed by merger of United
Way of Franklin County, Inc. with and into United Way of the Shoals Area, Inc. The merger agreement prepared and notarized by Tim Corley, Attorney at Law is signed by:
Shoals Franklin
Mickey Haddock, President
Gena Habig, Chief Volunteer
Lowell Held, Board Member
Kenny Hurst, Volunteer
Bill Lucas, Board Member
Ben Guyton, Volunteer