Campaign Cabinet

The Campaign Cabinet works together to create and implement specific strategies that will bolster workplace, corporate and individual giving strategies. The Campaign Cabinet volunteers are top executives and community leaders who will serve as Division Chairs to set benchmarks, implement strategies and monitor outcomes within their respective areas of expertise.


The 2016-2017 Campaign Cabinet Division Chairs  

Tori Bailey, Campaign Chair

David and Teryl Shields, Leadership Co-Chairs

UNA and Florence Main Street

Mr. Bill Jordan, Education Division Chair
City of Florence

Mr. Ben Alexander, General Industry Division Co-Chair
Bank Independent

Ms. Katy Haddock, General Industry Division Co-Chair
TNT Fireworks

Ms. Erin Letson, Finance Division Chair
Progress Bank

Mr. Bob Leyde, Public Service Division Chair
City of Florence

Ms. Peggy Claiborne, Health Division Chair
Helen Keller Hospital

Mr. Michael Newkirk, New Business Development
Buffalo Rock

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