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Seeking Loaned Executive Candidates

We are seeking candidates for this year's Loaned Executive (LE) Program. This program is often viewed as a professional development tool as well as an opportunity to help strengthen our community.

LE's are valued ambassadors for United Way of Northwest Alabama who devote work hours to the annual United Way campaign. They are essential to making our campaign a success.

To ensure a successful campaign, which will provide substantial support to the community, we must have a commitment from the LE and a commitment from the organization and its employees.  LE's will be assigned six to ten accounts and are tasked with cultivating and growing those accounts.  The job will involve contacting CEO's, human resource managers and other company personnel to encourage and motivate them and to help develop and execute specific plans for successful company campaigns.  In some companies, employees will be quite knowledgeable of United Way and might even have a history of giving; others will not, and they will need more motivation and educational effort if they are to produce good campaigns.


To be effective, LE's must be fairly knowledgeable about the United Way and the kinds of services provided by our partner agencies.  Our training session is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, July 27th and 28th to get everyone on the same page and to introduce everyone to professional development techniques that can be used in their daily lives.

If you have someone you would like to nominate or you would like more information about the program, please contact Beth Haddock, Executive Director of United Way of Northwest Alabama at 256-764-5892 or