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2021-2022 Program Review Score Sheets

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2021 - 2022 Review Sheets

Funding Application Score Sheets

Community Impact Alignment: To achieve the greatest impact on lives in our communities, United Way of Northwest Alabama focuses on three core issues; education, financial stability, and health. In addition, United Way of Northwest Alabama is specifically interested in programs that have an emphasis on equity. 

In the focus area of Education, the impact outcomes for the target population are as follows:

  • Children enter Kindergarten developmentally ready to succeed - socially, cognitively, physically and emotionally
  • Children and youth are safe and secure, and have responsible caring adults in their lives
  • Youth contribute to their community by helping others
  • Students succeed in school
  • Students graduate from high school and successfully transition to work, college, military and/or skilled trade

In the focus area of Financial Stability, the impact outcomes for the target population are as follows:

  • Individuals and families know and access the available resources in the community
  • Families have access to affordable quality daycare (children, the disabled and seniors)
  • Individuals and families are economically self-sufficient
  • Individuals are financially literate
  • Individuals and families have access to emergency and/or transitional housing

In the focus area of Health, the impact outcomes for the target population are as follows:

  • Youth and adults have healthy eating and personal hygiene habits and live a healthy lifestyle
  • Children and youth have a healthy start in life
  • Children, youth and adults have good vision and dental health
  • Youths and adults avoid risky behaviors
  • Seniors and disabled retain a healthy quality of life

Please review each agency/program with which you do NOT have a conflict of interest. If you or an immediate family member has worked for an applicant or has been a member of their Board of Directors, please do not review that application. You are welcome to look at it, but you must recuse yourself from review.

PLEASE SAVE YOUR DRAFT AS YOU ARE WORKING! The system times out fairly quickly. After each agency review, I recommend saving your draft. You can save your draft and come back to continue later should you need a break.

Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions at 256-366-9278 or email me at