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United Way's Success By 6 Northwest Alabama will host its
3rd annual Girlfriend Gala event on April 9, 2015. By coming to our Girlfriend Gala,
you put books into the hands of our youngest citizens and 
improve early childhood literacy! THANK YOU!!



United Way's Success By 6 Initiatives



Success By 6 is an initiative of United Way of Northwest Alabama and has the potential to serve 10,470 children each year in the Northwest Alabama community of Lauderdale, Colbert and Franklin Counties. This means that more children are likely to experience school success and graduate from high school creating a stronger work force in the future for our communities. 

Success By 6 is committed to:

  • Focus on school readiness in Pre-K classrooms and child development centers across Northwest Alabama
  • Performing community outreach through events
  • Initiating community involvement and leadership among local residents
  • Promoting the health and well-being of expecting mothers and children


Improving School Readiness




Since 2013, Success By 6 has provided tools to Pre-K teachers in Northwest Alabama to increase parental involvement and overall school readiness of students.


Pre-K teachers and Directors can receive quality learning materials to better equip any teacher and child for Kindergarten.

  • Kindergarten Readiness Calendars
  • Learning DVD Building Minds Building Futures
  • Parents are engaged through trainings on how to be a FUN teacher for their child while making sure to address the key Kindergarten Readiness points.
  • The children benefit from dramatic quality improvements in their early learning experience.

To see a complete list of OSR preschools in Northwest Alabama  Click Here

Make an educated decision about the Childcare Center you send your child to. Click Here to find out more.

For the Alabama Day Care Directory, Click Here


Promote Health and Physical Activity




Providing healthy options early in life creates a life-long lifestyle of healthy adults. Success By 6 is committed to providing safe learning environments and providing healthy options for physical activity in our local communities.


Success By 6 Health Focuses include:

  • Developmental screenings to better prepare children for success in school by eliminating possible barriers early. 
  • Quality standards are implemented to help child care centers comply with child care regulations ensuring health and safety of our children. 
  • Awareness of the importance of healthy nutrition for pregnant mothers

  • Physical activities are promoted through our installations of learning trails in order to help establish healthy habits. 

    • Training Tracks is a learning trail providing parents and caregivers a fun & healthy alternative to engage their child in Alabama Kindergarten readiness objectives.  
      Find your local Training Tracks today!

         Gattman Park
      901 Gattman Park Drive
      Muscle Shoals, AL

         City Lake Park
      121 Lake View Drive
      Russellville, AL

     Read more about our Learning Trails in the Franklin County Times and The Times Daily.
         Killen Park
      Lock 6 Road
      Killen, AL


Read more about our newest Learning Trail at Killen Park, here.


Building Partnerships



Each year Lauderdale and Colbert County come together to serve the children under age 5 in their communities. This is done at our annual Girlfriend Gala event. Money is raised so that children under age 5 can sign up for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. This program allows children to receive a free book monthly mailed to their home. If a child is enrolled at birth they will receive 60 books throughout the program. As a community it is our responsibility to create partnerships that will better prepare our youngest citizens to succeed in school and the collaborative work by committed partners is making a dramatic community impact on the lives of child in Lauderdale and Colbert County. 


Thank you to our sponsors.

Sign up for FREE books here 

Click here to see a complete book list for 2014

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Engaging the Community

Success By 6 is a leader in convening early childhood education and health partners, and works to keep the community focus on helping children succeed in school.

Success By 6 impacts thousands of children each year through outreach efforts including: 

  • Serving as a member of Smart Start
  • Free books distributed each year to encourage life-long love of learning
  • Family activities encouraging parental engagement

      Volunteer engagement through Better Beginnings to improve the learning environment and serve as positive role models for children, to volunteer today please email :

For more information, contact:

Crystal Magruder
Success by 6 Director
United Way of Northwest Alabama
118 E Mobile St, Suite 300
PO Box 1228
Florence, AL 35631
256-764-5892 Office

256-764-0088 Fax

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